February 11, 2013

Life Lesson #2 – Seek meaning

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Being an overseas student demands a great deal of independency. Now you need to do almost everything yourself. And you know what, that includes one thing that your mom always does, cooking.

I am not bad in cooking. It is just that I only familiar with simple stuff such as sup ayam, ayam kicap, ayam kurma etc. One day I decided to cook ayam masak merah which I regard among the hardest dish to made. No worry. All recipes are now just on your fingertip, so I googled it.

Now, it takes some skills and arts.

The main ingredient is the chilli pes. I know I got this. I used to watch my mom did it before. You just need to cut the dry chillies, soak them with some hot water and blend them completely using the blender.

I did all that. To be honest I did not know why you need to soak the chillies with hot water in the first place. I did it because I see others did. So I ended up blending the chillies together with its seeds.


The ayam masak merah turns out to be crazy spicy. Honestly no one wants the chillies seed blended into their ‘sambal’.


Right, I get a very profound lesson here.

Why did you do something? Is it only because others did it? Or you actually have a good idea of why exactly you do it?

This is a very important question that needs to be answered.

Likewise. I have no idea why people used to soak the dry chillies with hot water. I ended up blended the seed s together when actually the reason you soak it is to eliminate the seeds to get a pure chilli pes.  Without knowing the exact purpose of it I ended up not only screwing the dish but also bring spiciness to others.


That’s exactly how we need to approach life.

We need to ask why we did certain things in certain ways. Do we just blindly follow others or the pre-established rules that was set before us? Or do we have a clear reason for doing it. We know exactly the purpose and its objective. We actually did it in pure consciousness. That’s to say, we know the meaning behind everything that we do.

We need to ask.

Ask ourselves.


So, why did you perform solah?

Why did you fast?

Why did you make zikr?

Why did you chase knowledge?



And why?

If we do not know what the purposes, what are the objectives, we are in the brink of being ignorance. Our ibadah is mere physical activities. Actions without the souls.

Praying supposedly to remember yet it just mere remembered as routines.

Like supposedly soaking chillies to remove seeds yet they still get blended away.


Ask brothers.

Seek the meaning.


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