February 10, 2013

Life lesson #1 - Tawakkal.

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I was in this dilemma one day. I had two submissions that day. One is my geography assignment the other my biology pre-lab sheet.

I spent the night before doing the geography assignment. To my surprise it took the whole night to finish that 4 pages assignment. I slept around 2 o’clock that night. 

There was no hope left for me to finish up the pre-lab. I was ready to let go of this one. I opened the course assessment scheme to see how much the pre-lab worth of the total grade (I’m that desperate). It worth only 2%. Oh, I think it is okay to drop that just 2%. Plus, as I’m calculating the circumstances there is no way I could made it on time. You need to draw a graph, calculating stuffs that you don’t know (because it was told to me by a friend that the question is hard), there is definitely no way I can have it done.

I woke up with a different feeling that morning.

I stop and think. I was thinking about the thought that I had last night. I just felt that it just wasn’t right. It is wrong for me to think in that way.


I convinced myself that I just associating Allah last night. It might sound harsh but for me that is the reality. Nauzubillah!

That morning I realized that my decision to stop pulling my efforts to have the pre-lab done just due to the circumstances that I faced is so wrong. I actually just made a tawakkal to the circumstances. Not to Allah. I started believing that the circumstances actually had the power to withhold me. When none has the power except Allah S.W.T.

I was awakened.

I grabbed the pre-lab sheet and start doing it. I used every single instance that I had. Before the geography tutorial started I spent time to do it until the TA actually started to talk. The tutorial ended early, extra time for me to continue. Next, I need to rush for the biology lecture. The writing continued until the lecturer actually started the class. After the class, I had just one-hour left before my lab. Making it more difficult, I also need to pray zuhr within that one hour.

I sat down on a sitting bench just outside the lecture hall. I need to get it done. I’ve looked to the last question that I had no single clue on how to solve. To my surprise, as I made my third or fourth look, it just came to me on how to actually solve the question. It is actually so easy to do. Subhanallah. I was flabbergasted. I made it done just before the call for zuhr.

I rushed to the prayer room and made the congregation. Then I went for the lab session.

I made it!

We always belittled so many thoughts in our life.

Often it made us fell short into misery and despairs. We know about rububiyyah and uluhiyyah of God. Most people will find no trouble in rububiyyah of God. But we always failed to fully comprehend the uluhiyyah of God. What is the right of God upon us or everything from us that is made obligation from us for God.

Our sensitivity, priority, mindfulness, hope, fear, tawakkal and many more.

We must be conscious. God conscious. So that we  do not make mistake in associating God in our life.

The 'tauhid' of God is our power. It set us free. Like a bird flying through the limitless of the sky. Wandering without fear. With tauhid, we become strong. None has the power to stop us except that what God has permitted.

Alhamdulillah on that day I also received back my previous geography assignment  I scored 20/20.

La Haula Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah.

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