October 16, 2011

I Miss Both of You !

Multifaith Centre, Student Centre, Univ. of Toronto Mississauga.
16th October 2011.


Just finished my Maghrib prayer.

My heart felt like doing something.

I grabbed my phone and sent a message to my parents.

I miss them so much and I never sent such SMS before.

"Happy working mom and dad ! Please make du'a for me ! :)"

I smiled. (wishing working to parents, so lame..haha..) But, I felt love !
It was Monday in Malaysia. First day of working for the week.

Minutes later, my dad replied:
(1 new message)

"Insya Allah !"

(Oh dad, you never change. Hehe. I really miss you. I mumbled in my heart)

Then my mom replied:
(1 new message)

"Jazakallah for the reminder. I visited Miss Aina before I went to school this morning. I'd sent regards from you and your brother for the death of her late husband. I will always pray that you will stay in D&T, and given the strengths to face Jahiliyyah with firm belief and Taqwa. Always build your heart and soul so that you will feel the pleasure in striving for Islam. Make du'a for mom and dad too !"

(Oh mom, really miss all the reminders. I really miss you. I mumbled in my heart)

I smiled broadly today. There is no words to describe my happiness. They are both specials to me in their own ways. I cannot stop smiling.

Because I miss them.

I miss both of them.

Oh Allah, I really miss them.

Mom and dad, I miss both of you !

*Miss Aina was my former additional mathematics tutor. Her husband just passed away because of breathing failure. May Allah grant eases and comforts to Miss Aina and her family. May Allah bless her husband !

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  1. ibu amat meyakini bhw Allah akan bersama anakku selagimana anak ku mengingatiMu.Dari ibu yg sentiasa mendoakan peningkatan imanmu.